The Simple Choice

Not every decision you have to make is difficult.


Let us help you optimize your technology investment.

Return On Investment

Great technology is truly an investment.  Let us help maximize the benefit.

The Perfect Fit

Almost anything is possible. Let us customize a solution to meet your needs.

Ease Of Use

Implementing technology is not simple. Using it should be.

Small and Medium Business



Phones that do more, for less.  Keep your existing numbers.
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The days of expensive T1 and PRI connections are a thing of the past.  Paying for multiple lines when most of the time those lines are unused?  VoIP is the answer.  Most clients show an immediate savings and ROI is very short.  Keep your business running with multiple failover routes.


Let your staff be productive anywhere.
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Your staff shouldn’t have to be at their desk in the office to be productive.  Opportunities exist everywhere.  Shouldn’t they be able to act on those opportunities with every piece of data and services that they get in the office?  Expand your reach and increase productivity.  Let us show you how.


The best solutions built on the most stable foundation.
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No matter what solution we find that you need, it won’t be stable without a solid foundation.  Security appliances, switches, access points, etc.  Just like you wouldn’t want to build a house on a swamp, you don’t want your essential business systems on a weak and unreliable network.

Cloud Integration

Harness the power of the cloud.  Fearlessly.
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Don’t feel alone if you don’t understand the Cloud. When implemented correctly, it is the best way to keep your data safe.  You wouldn’t keep your extra car key on the same keyring.  Why keep your working data and backups in the same room as your server? We can show you the benefits.

Secure Wireless

Robust wireless with secure guest access.
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Wireless has been around for a long time.  You would figure that everyone would install it correctly by now.  Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.  What security should be used? Are the necessary areas covered? Should guests be allowed on the network? We can help get it right.


Keeping track of clients and projects.
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What is a customer relationship management system?  You may be running one and not know it.  However, does it offer the features that you need?  Does it make every one of your employees more efficient?  Do your clients feel connected to your company?  A proper CRM can.


Your company owned devices. Managed.
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Mobile devices aren’t just phones and tablets.  Laptops that are taken out of the office pose just as high a risk for data loss.  Let us guide you through the process!  (We can also do the same for your desktops and employee owned devices, too!)


Custom desktop and mobile solutions.
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What if your situation calls for a solution that doesn’t exist yet?  As desktop and mobile software developers, our answer is – create the solution.  Not every company can be shoehorned into a pre-existing solution.  We have the expertise and the connections to get the job done.  Your way.

Why use us?

Plain and simple.  You have never met a company like us. We learn your business and offer you relevant and customized solutions. We can’t wait to meet with you and show you why it is a great idea to have us on your team.