ServiceM8 Field Service Software

Field Service Software

Let’s face it. The field service industry is the lifeblood of this country. Who gets called when something just isn’t right?

A service company.

We understand service companies, because we are a service company. Now, there is a software that understands us, too.

ServiceM8 is a perfect fit for our clients offering field services. Let us show you how ServiceM8 allows you to increase efficiency and profitability for your company. We can assist at any point in the setup and deployment of ServiceM8. We offer consulting, setup and conversions, training, and forms.  Let our expertise streamline the process.

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Infinite Simplicity can provide local and remote support anywhere in the country. We offer network design and install, managed services, mobile device management, and application development (iOS and macOS). Infinite Simplicity is a proud member of the Apple Consultants Network. We can’t wait to meet with you and show you why it is a great idea to have us on your team.

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Before your competition does…

ServiceM8 Field Service Software

Job Cards

Focus on the current tasks by creating itemized checklists and never forget a service item!

Service personnel can add pictures and notes so that all customer data is attached to the job!

ServiceM8 Field Service Software

Integrated Mapping

Driving directions to the client are presented in the same app for efficiency!

Staff can easily see which technician is closest to an emergency call for super-fast response times!

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