One of my best friends travels a lot.  And despite my best efforts to inquire about her upcoming plans and somehow remember them, I always seem to remember her travel dates incorrectly or forget them altogether.  So I decided to sync our calendars.  I have created a special event calendar and named it Trips.  We can both see each other’s plans and add to or make changes to the same calendar.  This way, I will always have the correct information in front of me and can plan accordingly.  First thing to do is open iCal.  Click File at the top and then select New Calendar.  Name your new calendar.  Making sure the newly named calendar is highlighted, click Edit at the top.  Then Share Calendars.  You will be prompted to enter the name or email address of the person you wish to share this calendar with.  Once the name is entered, you can click on the arrow next to the name to select View Only or View and Edit.  Because I want both of us to be able to add to and change the calendar events for Trips, I have selected View and Edit.  The person you want to share with will get a request that they must accept.  Hopefully this makes coordinating our time together easier.  But only if she remembers to put HER events on OUR calendar!!!