You would think that because I am in the tech industry that I would be excited about any new gadget that comes along.  You would think that I would take the new, cutting edge torch and run with it.  Not so.  In fact, between my husband/business partner and myself, I may be described as the Ellie May of the duo.  If I think about it, I am pretty skeptical of some of the really new concepts and question if they are really necessary.  This is always a good way to get into a heated debate with my aformentioned partner and maybe, subconsciously, that is part of the reason why I do it.  (That part is just between us.)  I have been known to ruffle a few feathers and I must say that his are particularly easy and entertaining to ruffle!  I digress.  Such has been the case with the topic of 3-D Printers.  The concept really is amazing and the thought of having the ability to create a three dimensional object in my office is mind blowing.  I have struggled with the practicality of it, trying to think of the common, everyday person using it.  I guess if you needed a replacement part for something in your home, being able to “print” one would be kinda cool.  Or what if you could print the missing Lego piece you needed to complete Jabba’s Barge?  That would be cool.  Maybe I just haven’t read enough about it to understand the convenience of it being worth the price tag.  And I know that the price always comes down once there’s a larger interest/demand.    Or maybe it’s as simple as not liking the fact that they call it a printer.  I just don’t see how it’s a printer.  I picture a printer printing text or pictures on a piece of paper, not creating a 3 dimensional object out of plastic.  Where’s the printing?  Can someone please explain this to me???

Who knows how long it will be before the 3-D printer is a part of our personal lives as opposed to being used on a larger, industrial level.  And who knows if my little Ellie May mind may find it to be a necessity one day.  I try to “Never Say Never”.

I wonder if you could print jewelry.


Now we may be getting somewhere.