I suppose this week’s post is a continuation of last week’s topic.  I was so amazed by the technology surrounding the ECG App we discussed that I thought quite a bit more about the life saving possibilities of my iPhone.  It is not hard to find descriptions of the available Apps out there.  There are so many.  Some are even FREE!!!!

Here are a few Apps that I have found that I find interesting.  I have not used them so I don’t have personal feedback to give.  If anything, you can get just a taste of what’s out there.

I have thought about having my critical information available on my phone so that if something happens to me, the emergency responders would have access to it.  But I keep my phone password locked so I wasn’t sure how that could work.  A quick search on iTunes gives you a variety of ICE (In Case of Emergency) apps to choose from.  Here’s one called Ice-Standard.  This App is free and allows you to list allergies, medications you are taking, if you are an organ donor, confirming your identity with a photo, and more.  It also has a wallpaper option so that your critical info is your wallpaper and keeping your phone password locked is not a problem.

Another App is Hands-Only CPR by the American Heart Association.  This App is free.  It gives instruction and provides video on how to perform hands only CPR.

Pocket First Aid and CPR is $1.99.  It provides info and video on basic first aid, CPR and can store your emergency information.

These are just a few examples of Apps that can save a life.  There are so many to choose from, with many variations.  Take a few minutes to read the descriptions and reviews.

My first thought when contemplating having a CPR or emergency service App was something like, “am I really going to have time to be watching videos or reading instructions in an emergency?”.  The more important question is “what’s the alternative?”  This ,of course, led me to thoughts of my children.  Wouldn’t it be reassuring to know that your babysitter had an app on her/his phone to assist in case of an emergency?  Perhaps you could buy an App for your babysitter to use.   Or if your children are old enough to stay home alone, this might bring some peace of mind. Additionally, it would probably be a good idea for my kids to know how to use the Apps as well, just in case I am not able to do it myself.   If you have an App like these that you like, let me know what you use.  I am interested to hear reviews from people I actually know.  And I will do the same!