Tuesday’s Technical Tip-Calendar Reminders

This morning I was up before anyone else and had a full 30 minutes of quiet. What did my mind decide to think about? My Calendar. For some reason, important dates and birthdays were swirling around in my head. I am always afraid that I am going to forget a special day. Of course, my iPhone was at the ready, as it goes with me everywhere! So, right then and there, I decided to put all the dates I could think of on my calendar. AND, finally set them to Repeat Every Year so that I never again have to worry about remembering them. AND, set an Alert to remind me A Week prior to the special event so that I can send a card or buy a gift in time! Phew. I apologize if this is too simple for some of you or if you’ve been doing this for ages already. But, for those who haven’t incorporated this gem of a feature, here you are…

Start in Calendar. Tap on the date you wish to add something to. Tap “+”. Name your event, like Rob’s Birthday, for example. Tap on the Starts/Ends area and turn on the All-day feature. Tap Done. Now you can set your Reminders and Alerts. Tap Repeat and select how often you want to be reminded. I selected Every Year, since it is a birthday. Tap Done. Then Tap Alerts. This is where I would set a reminder for A Week Before so that I can get gifts or cards in the mail.

So, now you never have to miss another birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s day or other special day.

You’re welcome.