Tuesday’s Technical Tip-Can’t Talk Right Now…

So, we’ve all been in situations where we have an incoming call and can’t answer it right then. Maybe you’re in a meeting or the doctor’s office, but you can’t verbally answer the phone. Here’s a way you can acknowledge your caller without causing a ruckus.

Go to Settings>Phone>Reply with Message

At this point you have 3 preset responses. If you choose to customize you can erase one of the presets by tapping on it and then tapping on the “x” in the upper right corner.

Each of the responses starts with “Can’t talk right now…and then the preset or customized response you have selected.

So, you have an incoming call. To the right of your Answer bar or button, you’ll see a small vertical scroll. Slide it up.

Your response options are listed. Tap one and it is then texted to your caller. You also have the option to “Remind Me Later”. If you tap that during the call,you get options of:

In 1 Hour, When I Leave, When I get Home

If you select a reminder based on location, like leave or home, your phone uses the GPS to figure where you are and reminds you when you either leave your current location or arrive at the address you have in your phone as your home address. If you select to be reminded in an hour, a reminder is added to your Reminder List and will alert you an hour after the call.

Next time I call you, I better get a text so I know you are reading my posts!!!