Tuesday’s Technical Tip-Desktop Photo Background

I literally have thousands of pictures in iPhoto and the best of intentions to print the best ones. But who knows when I’ll get around to that. So I decided to change my Destktop setting to be a slideshow of my iPhoto Pictures. I have a folder in iPhoto of pictures I have flagged as the creme de la creme, so that is the folder I am assigning to the desktop. Here’s how it goes. From your Apple Menu go into System Preferences. Select Desktop&ScreenSaver. There are two tabs at the top, Desktop and Screen Saver. Select Desktop.
From the menu on the left, you can select which pictures will cycle through. You can select a certain event, flagged, Photo Stream, an album you have created etc. I will be using my flagged photos. You can then customize how often you want the photos to change and if you want them to cycle randomly. And you can change how the pictures fill your screen. I personally have them set to Fit to Screen. Change every 5 seconds and cycle in Random Order. Now I can enjoy my pictures from where I am the most-in front of my laptop!