I can’t speak for anyone else, but my cell phone rings quite a bit.  We no longer have a land line.  I don’t think our youngest son has ever seen a phone hanging on our wall.  And our older son probably doesn’t remember it.  Therefore, most of our incoming calls go to my cell phone.  At home, my phone usually sits on the kitchen counter and when I actually remember to turn the ringer on, can be heard throughout the house.  But how annoying to be upstairs, hear the phone ring, run down to answer, only to see a number I don’t recognize.  So I decided to personalize my ring tones so that I can distinguish between callers even before I get to the phone.    My husband now has his own ringtone.  When I hear that ring, I know it is him.  He has his ringer set on his phone so that when I call, the voice of Lando Calrissian says, “hello, what have we here?”  If you are familiar with the Star Wars movies you will recall that Lando says that when he meets Leia for the first time on Cloud City.  Anywho, a little of my geekiness leaked out there.  Back to business.  I also have a special ringtone set for my children’s school.  When I hear that ring, I know I should answer.  These settings can work to the caller’s advantage or disadvantage, depending on whether or not I want to talk to him or her.  Snicker, snicker.  Here’s how it’s done:

Go into Contacts.  Tap the name of the person you want to personalize.  Touch Edit.  Scroll down to and tap Ringtone.  Then choose the tone you would like and touch Save.  That’s it.  Now the only tricky part is remembering whose ring is whose!