Tuesday’s Technical Tip-Do Not Disturb!
Here’s a nice feature for iOS6 users that I really like. The Do Not Disturb feature allows you to set a chunk of time where your phone will not ring or vibrate or the screen will not light up. I like this setting for overnight. I have mine set from 10 pm to 7am. The cool part is that you can set it so that calls from certain contacts will ring through. Or so that if you receive two calls from the same number within 3 minutes it will automatically ring through, in the case of an emergency.
Start in Settings. Select Notifications. Select Do Not Disturb.
Switch it to ON. Tap the From/To to set your time frame.
Tap Allow Calls From and you can select whom you will receive calls from even when the Do Not Disturb is enabled.
If you enable Repeated Calls, a second call from the same person within 3 minutes will not be silenced.