So often when I think of Apps, I think of light-hearted, fun games or life-made-easier types of applications.  A grocery list App, Solitaire, Facebook, Amazon.  I know of running apps and heart rate apps.  But the other day, I heard a story on satellite radio about a doctor who has developed an App, that combined with a special iPhone case, is an ECG monitor, capable of sending your heart rhythms to a diagnosing physician, anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds. It blew my mind.   If you get a chance you should read the article and entire interview with Dr. David Albert.

I found this interview and the concept of such a medical device to be absolutely amazing and it opened my mind to the idea that these technologies are no joke.  Like I said earlier, I think of going to the App Store as a fun, entertaining venture.  But the possibilities of these technologies are really limitless.  I would say that there probably aren’t many, if any,  professions that couldn’t be enhanced by the implementation of Apps and iOS devices, the Cloud etc.  The scope is really bigger than I think I can grasp.  And once again I must admit that I can hear my husband saying to me “embrace technology”.  He is right.  You hear people argue that technology will make it so that you don’t need people anymore; that the more technology the less jobs available for people.  Hogwash.  Just thinking of the article cited above, do you realize how many people will be need to monitor and analyze all of the information being sent from the ECG App?  If anything, I’m starting to think that technology will not be eliminating jobs in the future ,but quite the opposite.  The types of jobs that it may create are, in fact, different than the ones needed prior to these technological advances.  But certainly doesn’t negate the need for people.  Think of Amazon, Zappos,  or other online shopping sites.  Sure, eventually the number of people needed to work in an actual storefront setting will decrease as the number of people shopping online continues to increase.  But the online stores will consequently need more people working for them to process, pack and ship all of those orders.  It’s not an elimination of jobs, just a shift in the type.

And once again I find myself thinking of my children and how does what I have learned effect or apply to them?  Well, I know I have mentioned before, my struggle to balance their use of screens.  And just like with anything, finding a balance is the key.  I think I would be doing my kids a great disservice by keeping them from embracing the technology in front of them.  I am not suggesting that playing a video game on an iPhone all day is the key to their success.  But I do think that a vast majority of people, especially my age or older, don’t see the necessity of it.  I think it was Bill Gates, who may not be a personal rival of mine but certainly competes with my beloved Apple for a piece of the technology pie, who said that his advice for the children of today would be for them to learn to write code.  The skills that my children have with our computers/iOS devices are almost effortless.  They have no fear of failure with them or inhibitions about their abilities.  They pick them up and use them.  Pretty simple, really.  And it is that simplicity that will make it so much easier for them to be a part of the growing world of technology.   By the time my children are adults, there won’t be an option.  That will just be the norm.  Embrace technology and the possibilities it brings.  It could save your life.