Tuesday’s Technical Tip-Printing Address Labels from Address Book
With the weather turning cooler these last few weeks, my mind has already started thinking about the holidays and sending Christmas/Holiday cards. So we’re going to work on printing address labels from our address books.
Starting in Address Book…
Command>Click to highlight multiple contacts to create labels for>File>Print
At this point the print settings page comes up, make sure you have selected Mailing Labels
You can then make your selection of what types of labels you are using (i.e. Avery 5160) and make adjustments to how many rows/columns of labels each sheet contains.
Do a trial run with a plain piece of paper to make sure your margins line up with your labels. And I always need to check which way to put the label paper in the printer!
Having said all of this, I expect a holiday card, with a printed address label, from all of you!