Tuesday’s Technical Tip-Setting Location Based Reminders

iOS 5 allows you to set reminders when you arrive or leave a certain location. I am thinking of several specific friends and myself as I type this. I don’t know how many times I have left a store, got home and realized I forgot something.

I suggest sitting down with your phone and walking through this one with me.
The only stipulation for the locations you want to use is that they must already be in your contact list. But that is easy enough to set up too. I am using my local Target as an example. Using the Maps App I would type in Target, Waynesboro Virginia. The map appears, I tap on the Target I want and the phone number, website and address appear in contact format. Then I just tap “Add to Contacts” at the bottom.

Now when I go to use my Reminders App, the Target location is available for me to select.
After tapping the Reminders App, tap the “+” in the top right corner. My reminder is going to be to get milk so I type that in my list and tap “done”. Now tap “Get milk” in my list and you will be on the details page to set how you would like to be reminded to Get Milk. Tap Remind Me. Turn on At a Location. Tap Current location. Tap Choose Address. That takes you to your contact list. There you tap Target. You will want to make sure you set your reminder for either arriving at Target or Leaving Target. So tap Remind Me in the top left corner. For this example I will tap “When I Arrive” and then Done. Now, when I am near Target I will get a Push Notification to get my milk! You can customize the sound for your notification in Settings>Sounds.

Phew. That’s a long one but well worth it if I actually come home with milk today!