Tuesday’s Technical Tip-Sharing Contacts

Today’s tip seems almost to simple to even share but there may be some out there that don’t know it exists. It almost couldn’t be easier to share contact information. No need to type out someone’s phone number or address. Simply go to Contacts. Tap on the person or company you want to share, scroll down to the bottom and tap Share Contact. You will then be prompted to choose either Email or Message. Make your selection. Enter the recipient’s info and you’re done!
Now, if you are receiving contact information from someone else via message, simply tap on the contact name, the info card will open and then you can choose to either Create a New Contact or Add to Existing Contact. If you receive a Contact in an email, double click on the Contact. Address Book will open and ask you if you would like to Import. You do! Whether you receive a contact via Message or Email, all of your devices will be updated almost immediately if you are on the Cloud. If you are not on the Cloud, we may need to talk;)