Tuesday’s Technical Tip-Texting Using Siri
It angers me greatly when I see someone texting and driving. If you have an iPhone 4s or newer, you can send text messages without typing. Here’s how it works.
Press and hold the Home button until you get a double ping and the words “What can I help you with?” appear. I will use my husband in my example. I say “Text Brian”. First, Siri notices that I have my husband and someone else in my contacts with a last name of Bryan. She asks me which one I want to text. She’s so sharp! After I verbally select my husband, Siri asks me “What would you like to say to Brian?”. I ponder for a moment because depending on the day, that could be a loaded question! Anyway, I then dictate to Siri what I want to say, “The meeting has been changed”. Siri presents your words in text and asks if you would like to send it. Say, “Yes, send it please” and Siri answers along the lines of, “Ok, I will send it”.