So my last post was about using different rings for different incoming calls, personalizing your rings so you know who is calling.  Today we are exploring the use of personalized vibrations for incoming calls.   Whoa, what kind of site is this?  One of the pet peeves I have about technology and its imminent presence in almost everything we do, is the lack of discretion or, shall we say, phone manners.  You see it all the time, people on the phone in the check out at the store, someone looking at their phone while you are trying to have a conversation with them.  The fact is that not every incoming call is worthy enough to interrupt other things that are going on.  But of course, some are worthy interruptions.  Maybe you are waiting to receive an important call from your doctor. A call from school is always up there on the list.  There are certainly calls that you don’t want to miss.  But you also want to be courteous to those around you and not be some tech crack head who can’t put there phone down for a single, solitary minute.  So here’s the solution.  Customize your vibrations in your phone so that when that little bugger starts dancing in your pocket, you know if it is worth interrupting your current task.  You won’t have to take the phone out of your pocket to check who’s calling in order to decide if you need to answer it.

First start in Settings>Sounds and make sure that Vibrate on Silent is turned on.

Next go to Contacts.  Select the person you would like to customize a vibration for.  Touch Edit.  Vibration will be set to Default.  Tap it.

Touch Create New Vibration.  With your finger, tap your screen in a pattern of your creative choosing.  If you hold your finger down on the screen, the vibration will be long.  After you are done you can test it out and when you are satisfied, touch Save.  Now attach a label to it and you’re done.  I kind of wish I knew Morse Code.

Stay tuned for next week’s post which will revolve around something some Super Hero’s Uncle once said.  Intriguing, no?